We owe the Paleo Cookie an Apology


“The Orthodox Paleoites need to chill the fuck out. You can quote me on that.” Robb Wolf


So the Paleo Magazinepaleo magazine sweet potato cookies is catching some hell for having a stack of sweet potato cookies on their front cover. I’ve got something to say about this.

If a “Paleo” cookie brings people to the table, then opens the door to educate them about the importance of supporting local farmers, why the fuck would I care about who eats Paleo cookies in the grand scheme of things?

We’ve been in the thick of an ever-more centralized food system and the USDA and vegan messages have hurt sustainable farmers for decades. Our farmers have been dwindling in numbers and they are fighting like hell to get their fair shake in an inequitable industry that favors big agribusiness. We are finally seeing a change in buying habits in favor of a decentralized food system. Is it possible that we can thank pictures of cookies for being the draw? If it was, don’t we owe them a thank you and perhaps, and apology?

I’d say so, because I know lamb shanks don’t get quite the attention as lemon cakes. In a perfect world, sure, but this is human nature we’re dealing with. We have the proclivity to want these foods.  And when you try to convince your cousin with Multiple Sclerosis to give Paleo a try, you don’t entice her with a chicken leg.

So, thank God for people like the Staleys and George Bryant and everyone else bringing new folks in with their recipes. I’m in the “do whatever it takes” camp because there are bigger issues in life than being angry over someone who eats cookies.

-Karen Pendergrass 

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