Paleo Tipping Point


I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that the Paleo Movement itself is bigger than any individual group, organization, or person out there. Every person is critical here— from the bloggers, to the researchers, to the person who passively talks about their diet at work— everyone plays an important role. I cannot overstate this. 

Until we reach the illustrious Paleo Tipping Point , we probably could use some perspective. This is mine:

We all thought that what the Weston A. Price Foundation said about the Paleo Movement a few months ago was stupid, and that it was polarizing groups that should probably stick together since we are waging similar wars, just on different fronts. Right? That was stupid. We all said as much and we were all up in arms about it.

Unfortunately, it seems like we are doing the same thing in the Paleo Community. From the “science” experts who wouldn’t dare rub elbows with the “recipe bloggers” or the Paleo “purists” vs the Paleo ‘treat-eaters’, or the “low-carb” camp vs the ‘eat moar carbs’ camp, and even to the established figureheads of the community who would dare call someone new to the movement a “nobody“. This isn’t just counter-productive, it’s stupid. This creates undue friction between a group of people who need each other if the collectively desired outcome is for our movement to flourish and reach our “Tipping Point.”

Truthfully, I fundamentally disagree with a LOT of people’s conclusions in this community but that’s certainly not enough to merit slander. People came to their conclusions based on a different set information and experiences… that’s it. What is this, a cult? A religion? Are we inherently better than those who disagree? Do we really hate people that eat sugar, potatoes, or ‘Paleo’ permutations of chocolate cake? Are these really personal affronts?

Furthermore, do we really identify ourselves or people in this community as being more AHS crowd or Paleofx crowd, and if we do, what does that really mean? Are we labeling or suggesting that one crowd is less “intelligent” than another? Take a moment to think about this.

Intelligence isn’t measured by your IQ or SAT score, it’s measured by your ability to get what you want. Intelligence is far more dynamic than rote memorization and proficiency as a college student or professor. The sooner we realize this, the better.

We are blessed to have some of the most intelligent people in our community who are amazing at reaching people, who have carved their own paths and skyrocketed in their field and we dare to categorize them, or diminish them? Why, because they blog instead of sitting in a laboratory? That is disgusting. Is it not apparent that the researchers sometimes suck at disseminating information and need the bloggers to help get the word out? Is it not apparent that the bloggers need the latest information to help move us along? Is it not apparent that this disconnect is not a good idea?

And let me tell you, snubbing any person or group of people within this tiny community is also not a good idea. I’ve held a 4 year long grudge against someone over this kind of stuff and it has affected my ability to share information freely for the betterment of this movement.. and that’s not cool either. Polarization like this only serves to make sharing information more difficult.

My point is, maybe we need to check our thinking. I probably should check mine too because I obviously need to get over that. I just want us all to remember that we are on the same team, aiming for the same Tipping Point. That’s all.

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