Obama attacking the Organic Label


Did I really just read that president Obama is attacking the Organic label, and the first lady is pissed? Oh, hell. Let’s zoom out for a second. It’s Friday, after all.

After her husband’s inauguration, Michelle Obama chose her mandatory, First-lady-do-good-project of planting an organic vegetable garden after her husband promised GMO-labeling on the campaign trail. The press trumpeted her Organic gardens, and her demand for Organic meals even at State dinners. Then she wrote a book called American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. First-Lady-do-good-project: complete! We now have warm fuzzy feelings about the way this presidency will turn out.

And we think her husband suddenly turns his back on the Organic food industry? Let me jog your memory a bit.

One of the very first things Obama did as a president was appoint Tom Vilsack (on the right in the picture) to USDA Secretary on January 21st of 2009. Who is Tom Vilsack? He’s a Monsanto shill, and he runs the Organic Program. Look him up, there is plenty of info. It’s not like Obama didn’t know what he was doing. He knew, like the old saying goes, that “You’ve got to dance with the one that brung you.

But here’s what we are forgetting: Organic hasn’t been pure since it became a federally run program. This simple statement has pissed off so many people, however, the cognitive dissonance that it takes to disagree with it is monumental. We all know how corrupted and heavily lobbied our government agencies are— from the FDA down to the EPA—and you think, lol, the federally run Organic program is the exception here? That’s cute. Organic was under attack the moment it was turned over to our government to be federally regulated.

And this didn’t just happen during this presidency. Oh no.

The National Organics program was first enacted under the 1990 Farm Bill when Clayton K. Yeutter, an attorney, was Secretary. Yeutter served on the board of ConAgra Foods and Dow AgroSciences (another biotech giant) before he was appointed USDA Secretary by Bush #1. This guy was the first Secretary tasked with ensuring the integrity of the Organic label. He currently serves on the board for Mycogen, the biotech company that brought us “edible vaccines”. Who’s Mycogen’s majority shareholder? Dow.

I think we are supposed to believe that this is a struggle between Organic and Biotechnology, or the first lady and her husband. No, Michelle Obamas Organic garden was a perfectly calculated and orchestrated publicity stunt. She’s not pissed, she was an accomplice.

This entire dance was choreographed.


Obama attacking the Organic Label by Karen Pendergrass

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