Lose Weight to Get Laid


As a general statement, humans are hard-wired for procreation, otherwise we wouldn’t be here as a species. Yes? 

Let me ask you then, why isn’t it socially acceptable for women to say they want to lose weight so they can attract the opposite sex? In fact, we even look down upon this notion and call it “vanity” which carries a negative connotation like it’s an inherently bad thing.  

You know what is, however, socially acceptable? Saying judgemental shit like “your only goal for weightloss should stem from wanting to be healthier, not thinner.”

First, what gives anyone the right to tell anyone what their underlying desires to reach personal goals should be? How is this anyone’s business but their own? And you know who the assholes are that consistently spread this message? Other women. The same ones that are always posting about empowerment.

This fluffy duffy PC shit fries my brain.

So guess what— I go to the gym because I’m hard wired to procreate. I lose weight to get laid. And if it weren’t for “vanity” I’d never have fought so hard to find an answer to PCOS weight gain. Vanity made me seek health knowledge. Vanity saved my life.

And whether you can appreciate it or not, (I don’t care one way or another) for me being healthy is secondary to being attractive… And my guess ladies is that it’s true for you too. So if you wear high heels that are bad for your feet, and makeup with crap ingredients while you preach empowerment after saying that vanity is a sign of shallowness.. I want you to take a closer look… In the mirror.

Bring on the hate mail.

#harddeterminism #maslowshierarchy


-Karen Pendergrass xoxo

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