The Tech Startup Idea

Smelling the intoxicating aroma of an outdoor BBQ can cause a Pavlovian response of drooling on onesself.  Your senses anticipate the food, your stomach starts to growl, you can hear the sounds of laughter and perhaps the clinking of martini glasses and you instinctively know this is the recipe for a great time.  But alas, you must continue to walk on by, because you weren’t invited to the party. In fact, you don’t even know the names of your neighbors who live in Apartment 2B, a mere 30 steps from your front door.  All you know is that they know how to have fun and eat. Suddenly you whisper to yourself in dismay, “ I wish they’d invite me. I’ve got 5 on it if they did.” 

Then let’s say  you know someone whose mom can throw down in the kitchen. Let’s say her Mexican food is outrageously good, and no restaurant in existence can compare. Every night she goes home from work, and creates food that would make a Michelin-Star Chef blush and give a standing ovation. Only trouble is, she eats it by herself and there are leftovers.  If people knew what was going down in her kitchen every night, people would be banging down her doors.  Suddenly you say to yourself in dismay, “ If people only knew, they’d be knocking at her door like I’ve got 5 on it.”

These were the very real thoughts, and very real scenarios scenario that may have altered the very future of social technology: the DinnerCrasher app.

Here’s how it works: Hungry DinnerCrashers choose a local dinner party based on the food served, the ratings of the host, and then pay their fee to “Crash” their dinner.  The better the host’s ratings, the more #DinnerCrashers will attend. The better the DinnerCrasher’s ratings, the more likely they will become accepted by their desired host.  In that respect, DinnerCrasher is the Airbnb of food.

Show up a hungry stranger, leave a well-fed friend. No invitation Required.

Who is the DinnerCrasher app for?

People who can cook, and people who can’t cook.  Really, if you’re great at entertaining, and you’re great at being a guest, you’re going to have the best time with this. It’s also great for college kids who are wanting to make new friends quickly in their dorm rooms. It’s great for people who have a hidden talent for cooking and want to earn some extra cash on the side. It’s great if you have a family recipe that’s been passed down for generations and perfected, and no restaurant in the world ever gets it right.  It’s great if you have a technologically savvy grandma or grandpa who makes a mean roast beef and pumpkin pie, but just needs some company to share it with. It’s great for people who spend a lot of time alone at home, who maybe just need to have a little tea party.

And, it’s great for a first date. You can bond instantly over a new shared experience.

Is this only for Homemade food?

Ideally yes, but I’m not an idealist.  Store-bought cookies and coffee on a Sunday for a dollar sounds like just a great excuse to get a group of people together.  The goal is to to socialize, and experience new food and new friends in a new environment. 

More Ideas?

I imagine all-white parties being held with relative ease. I imagine being able to invite people with children to a child’s birthday party using the interfaced search options. I imagine people looking to try ethnic cuisines. I imagine Thanksgiving dinners not being so lonely.  I imagine people getting to learn what diets like the Paleo Diet are really about. I imagine traveling across the country and stopping to try the cuisines of the locals instead of the restaurant chains.  I imagine farm-to-table events happening way more often, with far less planning ahead.  I imagine epic brownie throw-downs that invite judges and winner takes all… It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what people will do with this app.

I also think some folks will be #DinnerCrasher famous for their food and entertainment, and people will inevitably move to larger venues to entertain.

How do people become DinnerCrashers or Host Dinner Crasher Parties?

Because we are still in the testing phase, the best thing to do is go “Join The Party” by signing up to the email list.  We haven’t yet gotten all of the kinks out or had the funding we’ve needed to make a worldwide app, but either way it’s a social experiment that endeavors to be the basis of a great social experience.  That’s what’s so exciting. 

That, and I get to eat someone else’s food. You’re Invited! airbnb of food








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