Calories Do Not Matter


I might lose my shit if I see another “Calories do not matter at all when it comes to weightloss” post from within our Paleo community. Now, while I admit that the calories-in calories-out theory is flawed (CICO)— and hormones and gut flora seem to play a much more significant role— calories do matter in weight loss. To put this bluntly, and perhaps insensitively,  have you ever seen someone suffering from anorexia who was overweight?

Also, there have been studies showing that keeping under a 500 calories/day for 72 hours can normalize gut flora and improve markers for cancer. It can also be an effective weight loss tool if that’s your goal. So if you’ve got cancer, or know someone with cancer, check out this link. So do calories matter? YES. Am I saying count calories? Maybe, that depends on your situation and if you think you need to. If you have cancer, or if you’re trying to normalize your flora in an effort to lose weight, I’d suggest giving this a try. Why not? It’s three days.

But more importantly, I’d like to see the Paleo community check each other more often. Sure it may hurt some people’s feelings who take this stuff either too seriously, or personally, but it would suck more if our movement was discounted based on the Paleo people that say this sort of stuff.

That’s my two cents.


– Karen Pendergrass xoxo

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